Refrigerated Bases

• Keep key ingredients fresh right at your grill or griddle

• Saves counter space 

• Go straight from refrigerated to grilled without extra steps and time 

• Drawers in 18" to 31" sizes for all your food prep needs 

• Easy to read digital thermostat 

• Brings prep work straight to the work station 

• Grill or Griddle sits flush on top of each refrigerated base 

• Fully insulated to protect from heat of grill or griddle 

• Insultated bases available for MagiKitchn' Grill or Griddle on another manufacturer's refrigerated base

• Variety of sizes available 

• Expansive valve 

• Stainless steel top, front, sides, back, drawers, and interior cavity 

• Self-closing, heavy duty drawers slide on stainless steel rollers 

• Removable door assembly





• Interior corners are coved for easy cleaning 

• Adjustable digital thermostat 

• Mullion coils are coated to resist corrosion and provide maximum air flow for even cooling 

• Operates on 120-volt single phase 50/60Hz AC power 

• Removable door assembly


Model Spec Sheet Brochure I&O Manual
MK10036, MK10048, MK10060, MK10072 - - -