A Grate Story

Heavy-Duty, Free-Floating Steel Rods compensate for expansion and contraction from intense heat. Half-inch steel, free-floating rods sear food fast, providing distinct brand marks for great taste and presentation. Heavy-duty steel rods are held in place by a thickwalled steel frame to resist warping and cracking for long life.

Tame The Flame – Round rods help control grease and flare-ups. When the top grid is locked into the tilt position, 70% of grease is gravity drained into the grease collection box.

Stick Resistant Surface – Round rods will not press into your food which results in improved branding with less sticking or tearing. Optional hard-chrome-plated steel rods further help prevent food from sticking and make cleanup easier.

Easier To Clean – Steel rods are non-porous, which reduces carbon-build up. Specially designed cleaning tools speed clean up.

Grate Options:

Standard Grates – Heavy-duty, 1/2″ steel free-floating rods provide great all-around performance.

“Scround” Rods – Square on the top and round on the bottom, this unique design provides a more defined grill mark. In addition to providing an easier release, scround rods provide very defined brand marks for signature charbroiling. The round bottom is important to help tame flare-ups by draining 70% of the grease to the collection box.

Heavy Cast-Iron, Reversible Grates – Cast iron grates are available in standard spacing (5/16″) and fish spacing (3/16″). Both sizes are reversible to provide a standard or thin brand by simply flipping over. Cast iron grates can also be set in one of three tilt positions to provide gravity draining of grease to the front trough.

Cast Iron Diamond Grates, Waffle Grates – Provide appealing diamond shaped brand marks without product rotation.

Grate Menu Flexibility – Let MagiKitch’n custom build a top grid to fit your menu!

Grate Space – Standard rod spacing (5/16″) works well for all-around cooking. “Fish” spacing (3/16″) offers added support for delicate products.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grates
Scround Rods provide easier release
and a more defined brand mark
Cast-Iron Diamond Grate
for perfect diamond marks without product rotation
Heavy Cast-Iron Reversible Grates
provide standard or thin branding