What is a Series 600 Charbroiler?

Series 600 Charbroiler

The Series 600 charbroilers have an updated, computer designed heat pattern to provide the most even heat of any charbroiler in its class! Special baffles provide edge-to-edge even heat. In fact, the edge-to-edge 600 F temperature is so constant, that’s why we named it Series 600. MagiKitch’n’s development of a much more even heating system makes it a great charbroiler that requires little cooking experience and can reduce food scrap.

The enhanced Series 600 charbroiler line with its computer designed, even cooking pattern provides easier operation and control during rush periods. Solid cold-rolled steel top cooking grid; free-floating rods prevent warping. Patented, E-Z tilt top grid controls grease and flare-up, which drains up to 70% of the grease into a front trough, when tilted.

Radiant or Coal Model?
Can’t decide between the convenience and low consumable costs of a radiant model or the great look of cooking over coals? MagiKitch’n solves this age old problem by providing an add on option of a coal rack that fits over the burners. With the new Series 600 you can even change from coal to radiant in the field with optional conversion kit. MagiCoal ceramics are conveniently placed on a stainless steel rack coal screen (shown below), eliminating the need for a firepot, cast iron burners, burner covers, and lower grates.

 The Enhanced Series 600 line uses even more stainless steel, unit now comes standard with 6″ service shelf with towel bar, and E-Z fill stainless steel water tubs. The Series 600 line is available as either a floor or counter top model in the following sizes: 24, 30, 36, 48 60 and 72. All these models can be converted in the field to be coal (ceramic) models.

 Free-floating top grid allows for expansion and contraction without warping. Removable grease box and crumb tray for easy cleaning. Charbroiler also operates as a range by adjusting top grid to a flat position.



A Grate Story

Heavy-duty, hard-chromed, free floating rods provides defined brand marks for great taste and food presentation. Free floating rods vs. cast grates float freely to compensate for expansion and contraction from intense heat. The hard- chrome plated steel rods helps prevent food from sticking and make clean up easier. Hard-chrome rods are held in place by a thick walled stainless steel frame to resist warping and cracking. [See More Grate Info]

Learn More About Grates

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